Flora Poste Studio

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of dyes do you use? Are they natural?

We use only low impact, non-toxic, environmentally friendly dyes for our linens. Most of our items are dyed with fiber reactive dyes. They are eco-friendly, low impact, non-toxic dyes used only on natural fibers.

Fiber-reactive dyes molecularly bond with fabric, creating colorfast and long-lasting shades. They’re used on cellulosic fabrics such as cotton, linen, hemp, rayon and Tencel, and can also be used with wool. They don't require chemical mordants or heat to affix the dyes to the fabric, and use minimal amounts of water. They are machine washable, and extremely colorfast. They won't bleed or fade. 

All of our fiber reactive shades are classified as low-impact because they meet the requirements of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, an international textile certification program. To meet this standard, low-impact dyes cannot contain toxic substances, must have an absorption rate in which 70% or more of the dye is absorbed by the fabric and require relatively little rinse water.

Our items in dark blue shades are dyed with Indigo. Indigo is an eco-friendly plant based dye. Please wash with like colors in cold water using gentle detergent.

Aren't plant based dyes always better for the environment?

It depends. Fiber reactive dyes have a lower environmental impact than some natural dyes, as some natural dyes require an extremely large quantity of dyestuffs to create quantities sufficient for dyeing, chemical mordants to fix the dyes to the fabrics, and larger quantities of water. We do offer Indigo as a plant based option. Our indigo is organic and sourced from India.

How do I take care of your hand dyed fabrics?

All items can be machine washed and dried. They are colorfast and will not run or fade. For those with frayed edges, washing will cause minimal fraying and loose strings can be trimmed. We have sourced fabrics that have minimal fraying and make a nice soft edge. Also washing in a garment or sweater bag will reduce fraying. All items can be washed in warm water, except the Indigo dyed items which are recommended for cool water. To keep linen wrinkle free we advise machine drying for about 20 minutes and then line drying, or dry fully but remove very promptly from dryer.